The forrest quarter

Pure adventure

Authentic holiday destinations have become scare nowadays. People looking for balance, peace and recovery are on the right way here in forrest quarter. Oure area in the north west of Lower Austria has retained its nativeness - wide open fields, rolling forrests, friendly villages and towns, warm earthy people – you will be expected well!

Over the country your will find dozens of castles, remains and other magnificent destinations that will ensure lasting memories. The combination of healthy physical activity and the unique experience of having discovered something new you will meet with every step you take. Hundreds of miles of peaceful hiking trails, marked bike paths and over 2,000 miles for mountainbiking will bring you to impressive natural beauty and proud cultural heritage.

Tip: in summer, when the poppy blossoms take the forrest quarter into white and red fields – you will be assured!

Waldviertel Tourism

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